Flightless Bird Series

Flightless Bird
A secret from the past...

The summer of her seventeenth birthday, Livy Eckels was faced with something she wasn't ready for. In the midst of a crumbling family, devastated, she grabs her bicycle and heads out of town to escape the atmosphere at home. Livy unexpectedly crashes into the lives of two mysterious people living on the outskirts of town. As she prepares to start her final exhaustive year of high school, she already has enough on her plate. Then with the entrance of Gregory Mason, her life becomes even more complicated. Tall, handsome, and ever so annoying, Livy can't stand being around him until she finds herself being pulled closer and closer to things she cannot explain.

She was determined to understand why Gregory Mason was so interested in her until she discovered something that may put her curiosity to an end. Before she knows what is happening, Livy becomes entangled in the mystifying plots of a secret society, a vengeful ex-lover, and a situation she never expected to find herself in: falling in love with a boy whose secret she should have never known.

Broken Wings

Nothing left to lose…

After a turbulent start to her senior year of high school, graduation approaches quickly for Livy Eckels, however the approaching final exams and college applications are the least of her worries. Gregory Mason, the boy she never meant to fall for, has shown her his world of impossible secrets and powerful capabilities that come with unintended consequences for both of them. A new and dangerous threat lurks in the shadows as the undisclosed people from Gregory’s past begin to haunt them around every corner. These perilous people threaten everything Livy knows to be true about love, life, and death. Struggling to survive, Livy must make a choice: return to the life she knew or fight and risk everything she has left.

When you’ve lost so much, how much more is worth losing?

Fair Feathered

No return to normalcy...

Livy barely escaped the Society’s clutches after risking everything to save the boy she used to dream of spending an eternity with: Gregory Mason. With their forbidden love pieced back together, Livy discovers Gregory’s newfound abilities, which threaten to keep them apart, even in death. Fighting the heartache of the knowledge that her time left with him is limited, Livy returns from hiding to make a new life for her and Gregory by attending college.

The Society of Seven continues to actively seek the truth and destroy Livy and Gregory for their mistakes. Even more prevalent is the vengeful Amelia lurking in the shadows and stirring up the damage she left in her wake.

As if having her fragile life and relationships constantly endangered isn’t enough, an unforeseen betrayal by someone trusted threatens to completely unravel Livy. Now she is faced with trying decisions concerning those closest to her. Livy must make the ultimate sacrifice or risk losing another person she loves.

Livy has her mortal life but what exactly is worth dying for?


Timeless Sky

When it all ends...

In the tumultuous world of time travel, Livy does her best to adjust to her new life and abilities. When people close to her begin to disappear, she and Gregory are compelled to join forces with the most unlikely of allies in order to save those around them. But they are soon unsure of whom they can trust. In time, Livy discovers that her lifeline to Gregory isn’t as strong as she thought and she now faces an even worse fate. With Amelia on the path of revenge, the Society of Seven on the hunt, and Damon gone, the lives of those around them are in jeopardy and not all will survive. Time is running out. How long will forever last?


  1. Wow, I just stumbled onto your page and your series sounds interesting. I shall definitely look into your series. By the way, the covers are gorgeous. especially flightless birds. (:

  2. Thank you so much Ryan! :-) My friend was actually the cover designer for these covers and she's designing a new cover for Flightless Bird. I hope that you find the new cover cool when it comes out! If you read the Flightless Bird series, I hope you will enjoy them!

    1. Hi Paulina, I absolutely LOVE the Flightless Bird series. I love it so much I read it all in two days XD. So I was wondering when the approximate release date for Timeless Sky is? Keep up the good work and thanks a lot.

    2. Hi there! It's so wonderful to hear how much you enjoyed the Flightless Bird series! I can't believe you read them all in two days! That's so awesome! :-) I haven't released the official date but I can tell you that it will be out in May. I'm working on it now and if I finish early, I will release it earlier and post all about it so everyone will know! Thank you for your excitement! I can't wait for the final book to be out either! :)