Saturday, July 1, 2017

Officially Moved to Official Website

Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've posted here on my blogger and there's a reason! I do all my posts on my official website now: so head over there for all the latest and greatest!

Thanks! Happy reading!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Merch for the Fandom


Holy smokes folks! There's your alliteration for the day. My events calendar is filling up fast for 2015, 2016, AND 2017!!! I didn't realize so many people were eager for me to come and see them and share the love of books. That is so awesome! 

Since I will be traveling so much, I've got to get busy making all kinds of nifty things for you! Author merch is underway. My assistant Alexis, (who is really awesome by the way), has been tackling marketing material and she's got some brilliant ideas. Seriously. I can't wait to share all these glamorous things at the next signing! 

We're also working on getting the merch page updated with more nifty things you can purchase for your collection of fangirl stuff. That's right--I'm addressing you fangirls and fanboys. I welcome you to the fandom with open arms! The page can be a pain in the ass to update which is why it makes the picture, uploading, information, etc take forever. But Alexis is on it! The new page should look great.

More updates to come!! Just thought I'd keep you all in the loop. Speaking of loops, have you checked out my newsletter? Be sure to sign up for quarterly updates, tips, advice, and fun stuff!

I've got some book updates coming your way as well. STAY TUNED! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Staying Positive


Hey Peeps! I know I've been off the blogging radar lately. Been busy editing and writing and reading and doing general nerd stuff. By doing said nerd stuff, I've also done a lot of thinking and I want to give some reassurance to all those who have been told "you can't do it". 

I'm going to temporarily stand on my soap box here, before I became successful and even still, there are people who are going to put you down for whatever reason. The reasons don't matter. Why? Because the issue they have with you doing what you love is THEIR issue, not yours. Keep doing what you do. Ignore the haters because trust me, there are going to be haters.

Sometimes people come in your life to be your friend/supporter for awhile and then they leave and that's okay. It happens. The only person you truly need to succeed is yourself. I can't emphasize that enough. Yeah, it's great to have support from others but if you believe in yourself that you can accomplish your goals, then you can. You don't need anyone else. 


Okay, stepping off my soap box. People ask how I can stay so positive all the time and I always say the truth: I don't give a single fuck about what people think of me. I do what I do for me and that's all that matters. Stop caring what people say and start putting your passion to work! 

Go forth and conquer. Life is too short to not do what you love. <3

Stay positive and next time someone tells you it's impossible, you shouldn't do it, or that you can't do it, tell them this: Actually, I can. 

Stay positive peeps!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

T-MINUS 10 DAYS.....


Have you checked out the events tab lately? I've added some signings I will be doing this fall!  Once tickets are available, I will post links too. The signing in October is free and proceeds are donated to DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women's Network) to help those in need. :-) It's a great event so I don't see why you wouldn't come! Tons of authors will be at both. 

In case you forgot,  Flightless Bird comes out in 10 days. I REPEAT: 10 DAYS. Can you believe it?! Ahhhh! Is it added to your TBR? Because that'd be awesome if it was. If not, try following my Flightless Bird Pinterest board. Lots of cool stuff I imagined in my head while writing the novel. 

I will post all the nifty links once it's live. Can't wait to be sharing this story! There was an interview with Livy, the main character, over at Wonderland's Reader blog. Super fun! Check it out. :)

Excited to meet Livy? It's going to be a fabulous adventure!! Mark your calendars for JUNE 24TH.