Monday, July 27, 2015

Merch for the Fandom


Holy smokes folks! There's your alliteration for the day. My events calendar is filling up fast for 2015, 2016, AND 2017!!! I didn't realize so many people were eager for me to come and see them and share the love of books. That is so awesome! 

Since I will be traveling so much, I've got to get busy making all kinds of nifty things for you! Author merch is underway. My assistant Alexis, (who is really awesome by the way), has been tackling marketing material and she's got some brilliant ideas. Seriously. I can't wait to share all these glamorous things at the next signing! 

We're also working on getting the merch page updated with more nifty things you can purchase for your collection of fangirl stuff. That's right--I'm addressing you fangirls and fanboys. I welcome you to the fandom with open arms! The page can be a pain in the ass to update which is why it makes the picture, uploading, information, etc take forever. But Alexis is on it! The new page should look great.

More updates to come!! Just thought I'd keep you all in the loop. Speaking of loops, have you checked out my newsletter? Be sure to sign up for quarterly updates, tips, advice, and fun stuff!

I've got some book updates coming your way as well. STAY TUNED! :)

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