Sunday, June 14, 2015

T-MINUS 10 DAYS.....


Have you checked out the events tab lately? I've added some signings I will be doing this fall!  Once tickets are available, I will post links too. The signing in October is free and proceeds are donated to DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women's Network) to help those in need. :-) It's a great event so I don't see why you wouldn't come! Tons of authors will be at both. 

In case you forgot,  Flightless Bird comes out in 10 days. I REPEAT: 10 DAYS. Can you believe it?! Ahhhh! Is it added to your TBR? Because that'd be awesome if it was. If not, try following my Flightless Bird Pinterest board. Lots of cool stuff I imagined in my head while writing the novel. 

I will post all the nifty links once it's live. Can't wait to be sharing this story! There was an interview with Livy, the main character, over at Wonderland's Reader blog. Super fun! Check it out. :)

Excited to meet Livy? It's going to be a fabulous adventure!! Mark your calendars for JUNE 24TH. 

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