Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hourly Countdown!

Hey everyone!

Its safe to say that I am back on my feet and in good health. My left arm is working and the horrible sickness I had has passed. I can actually talk and breathe without sounding scary or like I'm hacking up a lung. It feels so good to be back to my regular schedule of spreading awesomeness around. First thing of awesome we should cover today:

  1. Broken Wings is at the publisher AS WE SPEAK!!! I just have to get the go-ahead from them and bam! Broken Wings is out for the world to read! Believe me, as soon as I get the phone call there will be absolutely no hesitation from me to get this thing out to you! You have all been so patient and kind to me while all of this chaos was going on. I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am to have such wonderful fans like you.
  2. Second piece of awesome news: the electronic versions should be out a lot faster this time for Broken Wings than it was for Flightless Bird. It has become a lot faster and simpler for me to karate-chop this electronic craziness into shape and have it ready to go. If none of you understood the terminology in the last sentence, that's okay. I am just so pumped for this thing to be out that I am using awkwardly phrased sentences today.
  3. More awesome: I think everyone should give Adrienne a round of complete applause for all the time and effort she has invested on this book with me. Without her, there would be a pretty craptastic cover and there would be nothing amazing like she has always done. For those of you who don't know who Adrienne is (and if you are not aware of her amazing abilities) take this time now to thank her because she designs all the covers and does all my formatting. She's like the behind-the-scenes work that doesn't get appreciated enough so I make sure that she is not forgotten and is above all, feels appreciated! Literally, without her, my novels would not be as fancy looking as they currently are. THANK YOU ADRIENNE! You are amazing. =D
  4. Part four of awesome news: Broken Wings is going to be out soon. Sooner than you think. Did I already mention that?
I think I could create a list of what has been so awesome today but I'm going to leave it at four. I hope that if you were having a down day (and if you live where I do and are currently dealing with a downpour of rain), I hope this blog made your day that much better. To leave you on this final note, this is how great I am feeling today:
"I can do anything good!" If that just doesn't make your day then I don't know what else can. But this is pretty much how grateful I am that I get to write every single day and have great people like you who love reading the things I write.

What's your daily affirmation?

Until next time,

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