Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'Bad Boys' Are Stupid

So a few nights ago I had a nice chat with some friends about guys who are jerks. It all started when I said: "I don't know why people are worried about the zombie apocalypse when the d-bag apocalypse is already upon us!" Yeah, those were my exact words. Not even kidding. Besides giving everyone a good laugh, everything agreed that this is the sad truth.

Okay, I need have a little disclaimer before I start this blog so everyone is clear about what I'm saying.

DISCLAIMER: We all know that once in awhile girls like a good 'bad boy'. I like FICTIONAL bad boys. Did you read that right? Bad boys are only okay in FICTION. I've read a lot of great books that have bad boys because they make a good story and an interesting romance or what not. Bad boys are redeemable in the FICTIONAL WORLD. I am also NOT saying that every guy is a bad boy or jerk. There are GOOD GUYS in this world. But there also happens to be a lot of jerks in this world too.

Now that we are clear on where I stand with 'bad boys' lets carry on. In REAL life, like the world we all live in, to me (so yes, this is my opinion) bad boys are certifiable assholes. There I said it. I don't like REAL LIFE bad boys. They're stupid. They suck. And like I just so blatantly preached, they're assholes.

What's my reasoning behind this? Why am I posting about this? Because for one, this is my blog and second, I really really really REALLY dislike bad boys! I hate the way they treat people. Look buddy, just because you think you're all that and a bag of chips doesn't mean you are. GET OVER YOURSELF. I've had too many friends date too many of these grade A losers. I do understand that the term 'bad boy' varies from person to person but my version of what a 'bad boy' is, is a guy who thinks he is 'too cool', is rude, degrades others around him, inconsiderate, selfish, demanding, and oh yeah, a jerk.

I get it. I'm the one weirdo girl who doesn't find bad boys attractive. Physically maybe yes depending on their style but personality is WAY more important to me than anything else. Girls like the bad boy thing because, well they all have their different reasons but lets be real. Ladies, you CANT change a person. I don't care what you think, say, or do but you cannot change a person. A person can only find it within themselves to change who they are. You can help guide and give advice but to actually see change, that person needs to decide that himself. So get off this notion that you think you're going to change him into the perfect boyfriend because you're not. Tough love. Unless you're like the one girl in like 7 billion people who accomplished this feat, feel free to let me know.

It was ironic in fact, I came home to visit my dad and this is what literally happened. Word for word. (I repeated the conversation in my head over and over to save it for this post) Last night I was having a nice dinner with my dad when he asked: Why do girls like ‘bad boys’?
Me: Personally, I hate the whole ‘bad boy’ persona. ‘Bad boys’ are idiotic nuisances with bad taste. But I will clarify why some girls like them: they are attracted to the ‘mystery’ and ‘forbidden’ thing and they think they can change him into Mr. Right. They are continually wrong. They can’t change a ‘bad boy’. I mean, ‘bad boys’ treat their girlfriends like shit. It’s happened to too many of my friends.
Dad: Yeah, good guys always seem to come last.
Me: Honestly, I am one of the very few girls who actually LIKES the GOOD GUY. When my friends ask me for my honest advice about the ‘bad boy’ they have taking a liking to, I just tell them the reality: Well, you can’t put flowers in an asshole and call it a vase. So don’t try to change them because they won’t change. Ever.
Dad: *laughs* I love your honesty kiddo. You just say it like it is.
Just another average day in the Ulrich household and then my dad and I watched The Hunger Games and everything in the world was right again.

People may think "Oh you dated a bad boy and got hurt. This is why you feel this way." Well, you're wrong. I'm proud to say I've never dated a bad boy. NEVER. I knew right from wrong and when a guy was just being nice to get what he wanted. Excuse me, I have a backbone to stand up for myself and not be pushed around. Seriously, if you know me personally then you know I don't take shit from anyone. I don't believe in being treated like crap and that's exactly what some bad boys do: treat their girlfriends and other people like crap.

I don't care if he has some sort of troubled past. A lot of people have troubled pasts but that doesn't mean they should act like jerks. There is no excuse for people to treat others poorly. There's a difference between standing up for someone and just making excuses for why they treat you like crap, like a bad boy boyfriend. Yeah those boys are great at treating their girlfriends like crap. I couldn't tell you how many of my friends, despite my warnings to steer clear of them, have come crying back to me. Although I'm a good friend and refrain from saying "I told you so". I'm the friend that straps on my combat boots and marches over to that guy and punch his lights out.

Maybe my whole rant with this is that I should start some sort of woman revolution to empower women to stand up for themselves and be treated well and not like crap. Like I said earlier, this is NOT to say that some of these bad boy types don't come around because I'm sure with age these boys can grow the hell up and get real with life. But there are WAY TOO MANY certified teenage d-bag bad boys. Many of my friends have lost hope because the jerk apocalypse is already here.

But I have hope. Ladies! There are GOOD GUYS out there. Trust me. I know there are but I am not diving into those details on how I know on the internet. The good guys are just hard to find, its like they're hiding out but if you look hard enough and never settle for anything less than what you deserve then you will find him. Really, you will. Sure, it might take time but the good guy is always worth the wait. So let's fight this d-bag apocalypse and stand our ground. Good guys are out there. Have hope!

Wow. This blog was long. I hope that this blog has just made people think. No need to get pissed off or upset in tears if this blog has drastically effected you. I was just stating what I think and my experiences. Bad boys to me belong in fiction where they are awesome and gorgeous and kick ass. But in the real world, it just breaks my heart that so many of my friends and other women settle for these jerks when they know they deserve better. GOOD GUYS EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD. You just have to look a little harder. Well, anyway, I'm going to wrap it here. I hope everyone has a great day!



  1. I completely agree with everything that you're saying. I do think in most cases that the women learn from their experiences with the bad boys so that when a good guy comes along she knows this is the real, good thing. I hope...but I know that's what happened when I met my husband. It does happen, ladies!

  2. And I agree with you! I hope that if women do date a jerk, that they will know that the next guy to come around will (hopefully!) be better and treat them right. It's happened to so many of my friends and older women in my life and I know that if they just keep faith that there are real, good guys out there, they can find happiness! Good guys exist! You just have to search through the jerks to find the genuine ones. Its a long, hard, gruelling process but it pays off in the end. I'm sure of it!