Friday, November 16, 2012

Fair Feathered Countdown!

Who is ready for Fair Feathered because its about damn time this book came out!! I know that when it's available, all of ya'll are going to be flying off the edges of your seats! I just wanted to get some hype going because in 4 days...yes you read that right people,


I seriously cannot express how freaking pumped I am to release this novel! I know you all have been waiting SOOOOO LONGGGGGG for this and there unfortunately have been some delays that have put me behind but this autumn has been jammed packed full for me. Not to mention I've also been working on another book that's coming soon. But before I get all excited about that one, I want Fair Feathered to have its glory moment and be celebrated by you readers!

Alright, so any thoughts? Anyone expecting anything particular? What are you looking forward to most? I definitely just drilled you with questions there. But what the heck! Leave a comment! Although, I won't confirm any of your suspicions but I'm curious to see what ya'll think!

And I have realized we have 'teams' for characters now. You, as the fans and readers have definitely made me aware of the love you have for BOTH Team Gregory and Team Damon. (Sorry Damon fans but Gregory is definitely in the win when it comes to those of you who are torn between the two!)

In honor of the countdown, I will be posting a little something to amp up the hype! So stay tuned for tomorrow's post because it's going to be EPIC!!!

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