Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Need Some Minions...

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Although Friday's aren't much of a day to relax for me considering that I never get to take a day off! But no worries, I absolutely love what I do so I find good reason not to take a day off. Probably much to some of your excitement, I've started some other projects as well and hopefully I'll have those avaliable after the release of my first novel to keep you guys satisfied because spolier alert! Flightless Bird kind of ends in a cliff hanger and I don't want to have mobs of fans breaking my door down because they demand something else to read. Really guys, thats the only front door I have to my house so let's keep it on its hinges shall we?

Things have been pretty crazy lately because I've been working like crazy! I sacrifice a lot of sleep to stay up at night and write so just be warned if you run into me because I might appear to be a half sleeping zombie. The zombie-ness is totally worth it though as long as I get to keep writing. Even if I have to survive off caffine to function on a daily basis. Ha ha. Besides the usual craziness I surround myself with, I wanted to check in and see how ya'll are doing because even now I've been getting a lot of attention on Facebook and my blog and it's all still slightly surreal. So many people are excited and eager and it just blows me away! So thank you! (That might have been the 50th time I've said it by now huh?)

Tomorrow is March 4th which means...exactly 3 months left to go!!! Can I get a 'what what'? Everyday we all get a bit closer to that release date and there is a special person I would like to specifically thank for all her wonderful efforts to get this thing out and done on such a limited time. (3 months for you may seem like a long time but in the world of editing that 3 months flys by like you had no time to edit at all). My unofficial, but whom I consider to be very official for being unoffical, editor/art design director/administrator/just-about-everything-else kind of person is Adrienne and everyone should bow down at her feet for all the things and sacrifice she has done for me and this book coming out. I honestly do not know where I would be at this stage of the publishing process without her. She alone has put forth so much effort into having my beast of a book edited in such a short amount of time just so everyone could have a copy by June. She also constructed the book cover all by herself and deserves a round of appalause for that as well. Adrienne is absolutely brilliant! Once in awhile she may post on my Flightless Bird Facebook wall to keep you all updated when I personally can't because I'm either writing or well...writing. Just to sum it up, Adrienne is amazing. So her or I will certainly be keeping you posted on Facebook for all the exciting updates and teasers.

So I'm not 100% sure but I am about 90% sure about having a website in the works. I would love for you to leave comments here or on my wall as to whether or not my web designers (aka Adrienne and I) should create a website for all of this. My idea would that it would keep my blog, Facebook, fan email, and ways for purchasing my book all in one place for you all so you don't go insane over so many different places to visit. Let me know what you think!

By the way, has anyone seen the adorable movie Despicable Me? If so, I could use about 50 of those minions to help with everything that's going on and perhaps my book would already be out! I just love that movie. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now!


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