Monday, June 6, 2011


Wow. That's the only word I could muster really after such an awesome weekend and early week. For those of you who don't know, Flightless Bird came out this past Saturday the 4th of June. After all the months of waiting even I am in a little bit of reminiscing shock that it actually happened. I published a book! My whole life I was told that all my goals, all the things I wanted to accomplish were far-fetched and I wasn't going to be anything in my life. This is what I have to say...

REALLY? I was never going to be anything in my life? Really? Were you publishing books at my age? NO. Didn't think so.

That is all I really can say on the matter because I don't care what people think. I truly don't. I do what makes me happy and I don't need anyone else's approval for it. I mean, I am happy and satisfied with Flightless Bird. It's not perfect, it's not going to be the best book written, not everyone is going to like it but I am okay with that. If the ones I love are proud of me for the things I have accomplished so far and as long as I am happy with what was published then that's all that's needed. I am okay with my flaws or some flaws that Flightless Bird may have but guess what? We are but human and humans are not perfect nor will we ever be. So don't sit up here and complain about my book if you didn't like it. We all are entitled to our different views but no everyone needs to hear it. I've been around negative. I know the cruelness people can bring out from sheer jealously, or resentment, or whatever is fueling their fire but I write because I love to write. Like it or not, I don't care what anyone thinks. Like I said above, it's not going to be the best thing ever written but I like it. I'm going to continue learning in life to improve on all the things I want to improve on. Life is too short to worry about the criticisms of stupid people. End of story. As I have learned, stupid people will always be stupid people and you have to learn to not care about them or their words. 

So back to a more celebratory note, this past weekend was amazing. There was so much support from my family, friends, and loved ones. I was completely taken aback! All the support has been truly great and I mean all the likes on the Flightless Bird facebook page has blown me away too! You guys are all awesome. All so very awesome. I would seriously give each of you a hug if I could.

If you haven't already, Flightless Bird is now available on where you can purchase your copy! It should be available for ebooks as well such as Kindle, Nook, SonyeReader, any electronic book that is out there now too. It's so exciting! So go check it out and get your copy! :-)

I am also proud to announce that the sequel for Flightless Bird is well under-way. I am a little over halfway done with it but don't expect a sequel next month pronto. I still have to finish, go back and edit it myself, rewrite, and turn it over to my editor for editing and then I have to have my graphic designer make a cover...aka Naomi and Adrienne have a lot of work to do and unfortunately this takes a few months. If the process was faster that would great but we want to get it as professional as we can. The name of the sequel will be released soon! I promised you all that but for now, let's still relish in Flightless Bird because right now, that's what it's about!

I'm not sure if I have much left to say right now except how appreciative of all the support and love you have shown me and I thank you for that. So...THANK YOU!!! Now go back to reading Flightless Bird.


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