Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Book is on the Nook!

Can you believe it?! FINALLY! My book became avaliable on the Nook after it took only two months! But I'm so relieved that it's avaliable to everyone who has a Nook! All my fighting with it has paid off! It might have been made avaliable a little earlier but I was just informed of this yesterday that it became avaliable for it. It was amazing and I was so elated that I felt I had to blog about it and then literally jump for joy in the restaurant I was in. Or perhaps vice versa because I was in the restaurant when I found out and then I decided to blog about it. Things have been great. Super great in fact. Although I am a little sad that my vacation is coming to an end, I know the news about Flightless Bird being on the Nook made it all better!

Home is calling me back and in all honesty, I miss home. I miss being able to actually breathe air and not breathe 110% humidity. It's been beautiful down here while I've been visiting but my Pacific Northwest home is calling me back to it's breathable weather. Not to mention that my cat as well may be having withdrawls because of my extended abscence. My mom says he's gone crazy and by crazy I mean crazier than usual because my new cat is already slightly crazy. My mom was the one who got stuck taking care of him while I've been gone. She say's its been real but she wants me to come back home and handle him. I guess I have to agree, he gets into everything and is the biggest mess. I love him but I do miss Jonny sometimes.

But on the brightside to all of this, things have been going smooth and same with writing. If you read the last posted blog then you would know the progress of Broken Wings and other projects. Oh yeah, did I mention that Flightless Bird is avaliable on the Nook as well? :-) Tell all your friends and family with Nook books! Just keep spreading the word!


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