Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Interview

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone has been having a nice week thus far! The interview I had mentioned in the last blog took place on Monday of this past week and should be posted on Friday. It was a really fun interview and I'm glad I agreed to it. I wanted to give you all a little background about who was interviewing me.

Back in high school I had met theses two girls, Savannah and Felicia, who were creating a youtube channel. They most often do comedy sketches because as I recall, they were always laughing amongst themselves at anything and everything, and just recently they asked me to do an interview for their show called SplattPoison. I think the interview was the first semi-serious thing they had filmed. I thought it was great that they offered to interview me and put me on their show. So that will explain the random questions asked in between the serious ones, they do comedy and so there had to be a little fun thrown in the mix of the interview. So I suppose now you will know a few random tid bits about myself that you probably otherwise would have never known. :-) I hope you enjoy it!

I tried to answer most of the important questions and I talk really quiet in the video so you might have to turn your speakers up. I hope I answered any one's questions they might have had. I didn't really answer much about the book in terms of giving away anything (except I did mention my book had NO vampire and NO werewolves. I hope that didn't spoil things for you), I still wanted to keep some secrets for those who haven't read it.
BUT! In the end, I was really glad they offered to do the interview with me. So I hope you guys enjoy the video when its posted and end up having some of your questions answered!

Now in other terms, Broken Wings has just finished its final chapters and it's second revision starts now. After that I just had to send it to my editor and before you know it we have another book! I can't forget to mention that Adrienne has been hard at work on the book cover as well and I can tell you now that what it looks like is already pretty amazing if I must say so myself. The Flightless Bird cover she made was great but Broken Wings is going to be amazing!

On a final note, Flightless Bird just went on sale for $0.99 for all ebook editions! If you haven't downloaded it, download it. If you have friends and family with any sort of ebook, tell them to download it too because this is a great price! How often is a 428 page novel on sale for only 99 cents? Not often! So download your copy because this is a great deal! Tell all your friends and family!

Happy Reading!

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