Friday, March 16, 2012

Broken Wings in Paperback!

I know I'm falling behind on the blog updates so as many of you already know, Broken Wings is now available in paperback! FINALLY! There were some formatting issues but a team and I got it all figured out so we are good to go! If you want your paperback copy of Broken Wings, head on over to and order your copy! Like I've said for so many months, I am excited this book is out. Truly! Now you as the fans have your copies, whether it be paperback or electronic, everyone can continue the adventure that is Livy and Gregory. I hope you all are enjoying it!

As usual, I absolutely cannot write without listening to music and this is the music that I rocked out to while writing Broken Wings. These songs are in no particular order.

The Broken Wings Playlist:
  1. Modern Romance- Yeah Yeah Yeah's
  2. I'm Alive- Story of the Year
  3. Collect Call- Metric
  4. Satellite Mind- Metric
  5. Sure as Hell- This Providence
  6. Taking Over Me- Evanescence
  7. Going Under- Evanescence
  8. Bring Me Life- Evanescence
  9. All That I'm Living For- Evanescence
  10. Half Right- Jimmy Eat World
  11. Time of Dying- Three Days Grace
  12. Brighter- Paramore
  13. Swim in Silence- Paramore
  14. This Close- Flyleaf
  15. Wreck of the Day- Anna Nalick
  16. Last Leaf- OK Go
  17. Stuck on You- Paramore
  18. Deathbed- There for Tomorrow
  19. Make This Go on Forever- Snow Patrol
  20. Pain- Jimmy Eat World
  21. Never Go Back- Evanescence
  22. What the Water Gave Me- Florence + the Machine
  23. Broken (Feat. Amy Lee)- Seether
  24. My Hero- Foo Fighters
  25. Like a Stone- Audioslave
  26. Sorrow- Flyleaf
  27. When it Rains- Paramore
  28. Hello Alone- Anberlin
  29. In the End- Linkin Park
  30. Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie
  31. Pleads and Postcards- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  32. Disappear- Anberlin
  33. I Miss You- Blink-182
  34. Never Let Me Go- Florence + the Machine
I know it's a rather long playlist but these were literally the songs I listened to when writing the whole book. I tried to post an interactive playlist where you could listen to the music but for some reason it didnt really work. But I will try to work on that for you guys! 

Enjoy the playlist!


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