Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twitter...and other ramblings!

Well, today’s blog is a little bit about…everything I guess. I’ve been staying connected to you (the fans!) through this blog and facebook but I think it’s time I kicked it up a notch and…yes…use Twitter. I’m new to the whole ‘constant update’ thing but I want you guys to know I care and will try to keep in touch with you! If any of you have twitter, you can follow me @PaulinaUlrich. If you don’t have a twitter, get one. If you don’t want to get one, then just keep up with the blog and facebook. Twitter is going to interesting but I figured it could be more instant updates instead of me having to sit at my computer and write you guys rambling blogs about my writing. But don’t worry. I LOVE blogging for you guys so I WILL keep this up. It’s too much fun!

Speaking of computers though, my cat, Juey (yes you’re thinking ‘Juey’? What kind of name is that? His full name is Julius. I adopted him with that name and Julius did not fit him so I shorted it to Juey), is slightly insane. Literally. He wanted to ‘help me write’ cat style and he thought it would be funny to lay across my keyboard. Next thing I know, his claws are ripping out the keys on my laptop! Sheesh! Let’s just say Juey was in A LOT of trouble and I spent yesterday afternoon popping keys back into their places. I love my cats but sometimes I swear…they drive me crazy. 

This is what Juey looks like in case any of you were wondering and yes, once he knows he’s in trouble he tries to do his ‘cute look’ thinking that by being cute he could outmaneuver punishment. I gotta give him credit though, he is pretty darn cute. Don’t you agree? My other cat Koda, he’s old and just spends most of his days sleeping so he’s not the crazy one in this household! I’m glad I have one sane cat.

In other news, Fair Feathered is well underway and as I think I’ve mentioned before, it’s even a little bit ahead of schedule! Now let’s just hope I can keep this up in between all the other madness in my life. So this is very good news! It’s already around 100 pages and as you all know, it’s probably going to breach 500 pages by the time I’m done with it. There’s just so much to write about and I will let you know that this one has even more twists and turns to last 500 pages so I don’t think any of you could possibly be expecting what’s to come. Bring on the drama!
I’d also like to make another announcement. Considering how much I’ve been gushing about my other projects lately, I might as well make that news public. If any of you didn’t know, I’m writing another series. But I’m pretty sure the majority of you already knew that. This next series is going to be E-P-I-C! Okay, at least I think so. I can’t quite release the name of the books just yet…I need the suspense factor intact for ya’ll. My main focus now is obviously the Flightless Bird series and my friends, you will just have to wait for this other epic-ness that is in store. I know, I know, I hate waiting for things, especially good things but if I could seriously crank out two different series at the same time, believe me, I would. Too bad there’s this thing called sleeping, eating, tending to slightly off-kilter cats, and making iced tea. We all know that I cannot write without iced tea. It would be as though the world was ending if I did not have a glass of iced tea SOMEWHERE in my house. It’d also be impossible for me to write without my music so good thing I constantly have that too!

I didn’t know if any of you noticed, but I updated my little bio off to the right! I added some of my favorite things as well so go and check out the new profile! :D Also in the ‘new’ category, did everyone get a chance to look over the playlist for Broken Wings? I hope so! It’s pretty amazing. Those were the songs that I constantly listened to on repeat while writing the 484 pages of Broken Wings. It was quite the lengthy journey (filled with slightly depressing music) but it was completely worth it. I hope I even offered up some new music for you all to check out. Like I said in the last blog post, I tried to put the songs on a live interactive list for you to listen to but I couldn’t find all the songs to put on the list because the site didn’t have all of the songs and then when I tried to link it to my page, it wouldn’t work. Sigh. I will try to work on that for you guys so you can listen to all the music right on my blog! How awesome would that be?
I’m also in a little shock that Broken Wings has already been out for a month. A month! Where does the time go? Before you know it, Fair Feathered will be out this summer! If time is going by this fast, then I should get back to work because for one, Fair Feathered isn’t going to write itself and second, I only have about 3 months to finish and polish a 500 page novel! Yikes!
Best wishes!

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