Sunday, July 8, 2012

Broken Wings books interview!

The long awaited Broken Wings book interview is FINALLY here. I have been without Internet lately so when I can get it, I try to get on and either blog or post updates on facebook. So now that I have Internet for a little bit, I am going to chat about the book interview!

It was so great to be asked to be interviewed again by these YouTube friends of mine! They are such awesome people and you should check out some of their other videos. I always have a lot of fun being interviewed and answering questions that the fans have.

Speaking of awesome, you the fans sent in some good questions to be asked. Some of the questions were fairly similar so I combined some of them hoping that they answered more than just one question. Unfortunately I only had enough time to answer ten main questions so I had to narrow down what some of you sent in. Hopefully in another interview I can answer some more questions that you may have had.

Broken Wings was definitely a hefty book and when I was going over some of the questions you all asked, I saw we had a lot of Damon fans! I’m glad we have some people who are on the Team Damon bandwagon but we still have our loyal Gregory fans too! The fact that so many of you are still loyal to both characters is so great. I love hearing all the positive things people have to say about the cousins.
Now if you haven’t seen the first interview pertaining mostly to Flightless Bird, then here you go! You can watch it here:

After watching the first interview, here is the second interview I just did but this one pertaining mostly to Broken Wings. Watch it here:

I hope you all enjoyed watching these videos! Now I must be off to keep writing Fair Feathered and well, make more iced tea with Junior, my iced tea machine/appliance. If you watched the video then you know what I'm talking about. 

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  1. I <3 Damon, always&foreverrr.
    And the rest of your characters too, of course!
    And you. And Jonny. And Juey.
    I think we got everything covered now.

  2. What's not to love about Damon? :D Thanks for spreading all the love around. Juey is sitting on my desk with me as we speak! Also, thanks for the comment. It definitely made my day!!!