Friday, June 1, 2012

Upcoming Interview and Book Sale

Well hey there!

Today’s blog is about…well a lot of new exciting information! Alright, well things that I think are exciting! The one year anniversary release of Flightless Bird is coming up which in itself is very exciting! In honor of its release, Flightless Bird AND Broken Wings will be going on a limited time sale for the week of June 4th! Who’s is pumped?! I don’t know about you but I love it when some of my favorite things are discounted.

Not to mention how I have another interview coming up with some special friends on YouTube! I hope you all saw the post about it on facebook and if you didn’t, well, I hope you are reading this blog and now know about it! If you have any questions about me, my novels, or any of my upcoming projects just drop me an email or leave a comment or whatever you like! I will try to answer all your questions in the time that is allotted. Some of you have already sent me some great questions and I can’t wait to answer them!

This summer is going to be jammed packed for me! I have so much to do book wise. Between the interview, writing the third novel, working on other projects, book promotion, traveling, and what not I am going to be running on a lot of iced tea. Thank goodness it has caffeine. I think by the end of the next couple months, I am going to be nocturnal from staying up to the wee hours writing endlessly.

I am also so excited because I got a bunch of new music and I have been feeling extra inspired and I am constantly jamming out and writing more (If writing more than I already do is possible). Just thought I would share that small fact with you all.

I know this blog is a bit short but I just wanted to post about a few updates and all the exciting news that is soon to be happening! I hope everyone is having a grand old day and hopefully enjoying the weather wherever you live!


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