Monday, July 30, 2012

Fair Feathered Teaser!

Okay so this one has been long awaited. I’ve probably said this way too many times but I am seriously trying to write as fast as I possibly can right now. People think that I just sit around and write like I have all the time in the world. If I had all the time in the world then I would write but right now, I am also working three other jobs. Don’t ask me how it’s possible to work three other jobs on top of my writing career but just know that since taking these jobs on for the summer, I no longer sleep. Literally. I don’t even get weekends off so forgive me for falling a little behind on the Fair Feathered novel. A girl still has to try to eat and sleep to function on a daily basis in between every job.
But just to ease some of the anticipation, I have decided to release a little teaser to all the fans as a sneak peek of what’s to come in this giant novel. Fair Feathered is a beast. Even bigger than Broken Wings. Although I’m sure my editor will size it down so it’s reasonable  but this one has so many plot twists and turns and SO many details that I am grateful to have an editor that tells me to cut back on some scenes. Maybe one day I’ll release the deleted scenes from the books because there has been many deleted scenes.
I also plan on doing a cover reveal of Fair Feathered soon so stay tuned! My cover designer, you all know her as the wonderful most amazing Adrienne, is hard at work designing this cover and what little I have seen of it so far, I am so proud of this one. This cover is going to be AWESOME!! But then again, all the cover’s that she makes are freaking awesome so I can never complain. I can’t wait to let you all see it!!
I’m sure that after reading this whole blog you’re sitting there thinking: ‘excuse me, can we just get to the teaser now?’ and to that question I answer yes! After sifting through pages and pages of what scene I wanted to release, I settled on this one. It has a little bit of Gregory, a little bit of Damon, and of course, drama. Enjoy!
“She chose me.” Gregory stared down Chris as I tried to push them apart. I was going to need a two-ton tractor to get them to back away from each other. Ever since Gregory had ‘returned from the dead’ Chris had a hard time believing anything I said. He took it as I ‘wasn’t ready to be more than friends with him’ and that’s why I lied about Gregory. Um, no. Chris and I were never going to be anything more than friends but he still hadn’t seemed to understand that.
            “Oh so it was a competition?” Chris sneered and I tried to get him to move away. “Last I checked you were six feet under but you just magically returned from the dead? Livy just wasn’t ready to choose me yet after you smashed her heart to bits.” Chris narrowed his eyes. “Did you make her lie about your death too? To get pity?”
            I put my hands on Gregory’s chest and he responded by taking a step back. “I’m not a prize either of you can win! I make my own decisions so don’t fight over it.” Boys were so frustrating.
            “Oh I love a good brawl,” Damon laughed as he approached our trio with his typical smirk on his face and his lazy walk. He tossed a green apple in the air and caught it in his palm before taking a huge bite out of it. Damon’s timing was less than welcoming.
            “Damon, stay out of this.” Gregory threw a darting glance over at his cousin.
            “Both you and Chris need to stop or I will pick Damon. At least he’s neutral!” I walked over to stand beside him and he put an arm around me.
            “See? The bad boy always wins. Sorry losers.” He was smug and took another bite of his apple. I gave him a reprimanding look and he blew me an air kiss. “Love you babe.” He winked and I let out a long huff and rolled my eyes. Chris had his fists clenched and I swore I could hear him grinding his teeth together. Gregory was taking deep breaths for I knew he was angry with Chris and now probably beyond irritated with his smart ass cousin.
            I sighed and folded my arms across my chest. “Look, just stop fighting okay?”
            “Livy,” Chris snapped at me and all eyes flew to him. “You’re honestly going to sit here and debate about this when clearly there’s nothing he can give you and I can?”
            “This isn’t for you to decide. I love Gregory and that’s not going to change.” I didn’t want my words to sound so harsh but I knew that in his mind they would. It didn’t matter how I said them, they would still hurt Chris.
            “You’re lying to yourself. You don’t know what you want.” Chris sneered at me and I could feel Damon’s arm around me tense up. My anger was beginning to flare. “Damon lied to you about Gregory being freaking dead and Gregory left you and created this lie for Damon…why do you trust any of them?”
            Oh how wrong he was about everything! He didn’t know anything! “Chris! That is not true! You don’t even-”
            “Then what is true Livy?” He shoved his hands into his pockets and threw Gregory one more glance of hatred. I can’t believe they used to be friends.
            “Shut up Chris.” I knew my words were like ice but even I was becoming frustrated because Chris was just adding fuel to Gregory’s internal fires he battled constantly.
            “Fine. Keep lying to me and everyone else. Your lies will catch up to you one of these days.” His words were cold  nd it was like they formed icicles and were piercing my heart. Turning his back to us, Chris stalked off in a hurry; never once looking back. I knew I had just lost my friend.
© Paulina Ulrich

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