Saturday, August 11, 2012

Under Construction

I have made a blog isn't epic enough for me anymore so I am sending it under construction! My blog will still be around to read but I am going to be making some awesome changes to the layout and design. It's looked this way for awhile but I think its now time to make some changes. This all might be stemming from my current remodel of my dad's kitchen. I came back to my hometown to help my dad re-do his house which has been a HUGE undertaking but his house is looking a whole lot better than it did. (His house was built like 50 years ago and he just moved into it so it needs some assistance of looking better.) One room at a time and this house will be looking like its brand new!

Not to mention that while I was cleaning a GIANT spider crawled out from a corner and by GIANT I mean HUGE. This thing was about to attack me! I'm usually not one to fret over SMALL spiders but this one was the size of a penny! Yeah a penny is small but in spider terms, a penny is huge in size. I was thanking my lucky stars I had the vacuum hose with me because I sucked up that spider before it could crawl over and bite me! Well, in assumption that it's whole intent was to bite me. I don't like giant spiders. No thank you.

In light of all of this, I want to get some hype going for Fair Feathered and my new series that I am going to release! I am getting prepped to release a teaser from my new series which in my head, is going to be freaking awesome. But before that gets underway, I am going to do a COVER REVEAL of Fair Feathered soon! Adrienne is doing amazing feats as usual with the covers and I can't wait to share it all with you! Then hopefully I'll release another teaser from Fair Feathered for everyone. Let's spread the word! Fair Feathered is underway and ready to be read! Well almost...the first half is with my editor after I went to the copy store and had an adventure making a copy for her to write on and correct my errors. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!! I hope you all are too. :)

To end this blog, I am on Twitter @PaulinaUlrich and you should follow me! I have become accustomed to the ways of Twitter (finally!) and not to mention that there are a lot of other great authors on there too!

Until next time!


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