Thursday, August 23, 2012

Post Surgery Pains

I definitely meant to blog and post this before I went into surgery but looks like sleep got the best of me. It was finally that time, that very dreaded time when the dentist told me I had have all 4 of my wisdom teeth ripped out of my mouth. Of course the doctor said it a lot nicer than that but that’s how it got construed in my head. Friday came and I walked into that surgery room like I owned the place! I wasn’t scared or worried, I just wanted these darn things out before they made my teeth crooked. I didn’t have braces as a kid for nothing! So they knocked me out and I woke up 45 minutes later with the puffiest face I’ve ever seen. Okay just kidding, I’ve seen puffier but my face hasn’t been this chipmunk like in years. I’ve done a lot of sleeping these days. A LOT. The first 24 hours was the worst and I am so happy I have an awesome mom who dealt with my complaining the past weekend. I’m glad I came home for the surgery because I’m sure my roommate at my place would not have appreciated the constant nag for water or ice packs being strapped to my face. Although my roommate is very sacrificial so I’m sure she would have been kind enough to take care of me.
So a few days later as I still sit in bed I was half expecting to be up on my feet dancing around like the good ole days when I had 4 wisdom teeth. Poor judgment on my part! My mouth still hurts and I would like to take this moment to just briefly complain. I expected pain, I mean who doesn’t after their teeth have been chopped out of your mouth? But after almost a week?! I thought my mouth would perform some sort of miracle and boom! I’d be back to writing and talking, not just mumbling. This has been a slow healing process.
But to add to my happiness, Adrienne was kind enough to pay me a visit and bring me a jamba juice! Considering the fact that I couldn’t swallow any whole food let alone could I still even attempt to crunch on something, bringing me a smoothie was like a gift from the heavens. I love that girl! Then to top it all off, we watched the Hunger Games. That’s right. My awesome mom bought it the day it came out and all of us, Adrienne included, piled up on the couch and settled in for some teenagers-fight-to-the-death action drama. Hunger Games never gets old. Jamba juice+best friend+hunger games=made for a pretty awesome Saturday if you asked me.
Now as I have documented briefly what my past few days have been like, I made an announcement a few days ago over twitter that I wasn’t doing so great and I had to put off writing. Well, it’s true. I would try to write but felt so lightheaded and nauseated that I couldn’t sit up and when I did…well I barely made it to the bathroom in time. Gross I know but it’s a part of life. I was so scared of possibly upchucking on my computer that I decided to call it safe and take a break from writing which has put me behind a few days on Fair Feathered. Surprisingly today though, I feel much better clearly as to why I’m blogging. I managed to send one chapter to my editor until I couldn’t work anymore but hopefully today will be different and I can get back on track and finish writing some more. Although my stomach is crying out for food, whole food and not applesauce and smooothies like I have been eating all week. But I cant chew food without crying like a wimp so I guess the hunger pains will just have to chill out for another day until I can actually eat something sustainable and without throwing it up all over the place. Oh the joys of getting older.

Although this blog hadn’t had much to do with anything I just thought I would update you on all my current conditions. I should be back to busting my fingers off for Fair Feathered within the next few days to make up for everything I couldn’t work on while being stuffed under a comforter of blankets.

BUT BEFORE I GO I have a very important reminder! No matter if I am still ill on Friday, I am still having the FAIR FEATHERED COVER REVEAL!!!! Yep, right here on this blog the cover of Fair Feathered will finally be seen! And you know what? I’m even adding a teaser in there for everyone to enjoy! The wait until September is almost here and then everyone can read Fair Feathered! This cover is amazing. I know I always say that about my covers but what Adrienne has done this time has seriously just amped up how awesome she is.
Important reminders: THIS FRIDAY FAIR FEATHERED COVER REVEAL. Not to mention the 24th of August just happens to be Livy’s birthday so if you wanna celebrate, then you will be on my blog checking out that cover just for her! If I could put this thing in flashing lights I would but I think bold, italicized, and underlined will have to do for now.

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