Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fair Feathered Excerpt

I know I am way overdue to give you guys a teaser from Fair Feathered because I'm sure some of you have wondered, "Hello! It's almost the end of September! Where is Fair Feathered?!" Unfortunately, a few things out of my control happened and they were completely unexpected and I had to take a few days to myself to get everything back together. So yeah, Fair Feathered will probably be out in October.

Actually, there is no 'probably' it WILL be out in October. I am crazily writing now that I had dealt with the issues and my goodness I am typing so fast that I am fairly certain my fingers will fall off. I'm wrapping up Fair Feathered and my editor is working on the things I sent her. Let's hope that everything can come together soon.

So for making you wait so long, here is an excerpt from Fair Feathered. It seemed only fair to you that I give you something to read while you wait for the next book to come out!

I was sleeping loosely in Gregory’s arms and thought I was dreaming until I heard a noise in my room. I stirred but I heard it again. Forcing my heavy eyelids open, I searched for the source of the sound. My phone was vibrating wildly on my nightstand and I reached over to grab it. Who could be calling me? The screen was too brightly lit for me to read who had dialed me so I just answered.
            “Hello?” My voice was thick with sleep. I most likely sounded like a zombie.
            “Don’t think that this is over.” Suddenly I was wide awake like someone had splashed a bucket of ice cold water on me. Her voice was too recognizable and could only belong to one person: Amelia. “Wherever you are hiding, I will find you and I will ruin you for what you have done.” I was still too stunned to speak. Even from a phone call she could instill fear in my heart. I knew this wasn’t a dream. Not even in my nightmares was her voice this chilling. “So listen here bitch, I will do whatever it takes to get my father back. It’s your fault he is where he is. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you will suffer for this. If only you knew…”
            I swallowed down the lump in my throat and tried to keep my voice from shaking. “Please leave us alone.” My voice was just barely above a whisper. What did she have planned? How could I protect everybody if she threatened them?
            She laughed coldly. “Leave you alone? What pathetic world are you living in? You stole the love of my life! You got my father arrested! You forced my mother and I to go on the run! You think that you can just sit back and destroy my life while you get to have Gregory and live your life? You are gravely mistaken.”
            With shaking fingers I ended the call and threw my phone on the floor, terrified. My breathing was erratic and my heart thumped along at a quickened pace. I didn’t feel safe anywhere anymore. Jumping out of bed, I flicked a lamp on and went over to the dresser, taking handfuls of my clothes and dumping them onto the floor. I ran to the closet and found my duffel bag to stuff my things into. Tears welled in my eyes as I blindly shoved pieces of cotton clothes into my bag; the faster I packed the quicker I could get away. Why was this my life now? Why did I live in constant fear? I jumped when my phone started vibrating violently again. I ignored it like it didn’t exist but it echoed in my head until I heard it stop. She was probably capable of reaching through the phone and strangling me to death.
            I felt arms encircle me and I screamed, not thinking of who it could be. “Livy, calm down.” Gregory’s voice whispered worriedly into my ear and I buried my face in his shirt, crying. “What’s wrong? Why are you so upset?” The two of us sat in a pile of my clothes as he pulled my face back to see my eyes.
            I pointed to my phone that sat across the room on the floor. My shaking wouldn’t stop. “Amelia called. She’s threatened to find me no matter what.” I was completely distraught until a thought occurred to me…was she calling to say she has one of my loved ones? Scrambling from Gregory’s arms, I crawled over to my phone and quickly dialed my dad’s number. I didn’t care if it was the middle of the night. Fear was the only thing I could feel.

Whooaaaaa! Intense! Like I said before, grab your popcorn because this book has serious drama in it! I hope this little teaser will hold you over until I finish wrapping up Fair Feathered. More excerpts will be posted to make you start thinking what will, could, when, where, and what will happen. I like keeping my readers on their toes!

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