Monday, September 24, 2012

Character Pictures!

Alright so after a few requests for me to find some pictures of what the characters of the Flightless Bird series looked like, I went on a search and found some people that looked pretty darn close to what I pictured in my head. Naturally, no one I found could perfectly depict the characters I picture in my head but these people came close enough! With a few adjustments like the characters wearing contacts so they have the matching eye color (green for Livy, hazel brown for Gregory) then they would almost be perfect. So here they are for you!

Livy Eckels
Gregory Mason

Damon Walker
Cecelia Mason
So these are the stars of the Flightless Bird series! This is how I would picture them but if you picture them differently, its all good! These people are about as close as I could possibly get so I am satisfied with my choices! I was looking one for Amelia but haven't found one just yet! What do you think? Is it was you pictured or did you picture them differently?

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