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The Next Big Thing, Blog Hop

There’s this blog hop post thingy going around lately called WIP: The Next Big Thing. My friend, Robert, was awesome enough to tag me in his post along with some other great authors. Thank you Robert!

Alright, let me explain how this 'blog hop' works: once you’re tagged in this blog hopping post, you need to do a few things. One of them is to thank the person who tagged you...THANK YOU ROBERT! The next thing is for me to answer the questions that go along with the post. These are about my WIP. A WIP, for those of you who don't speak author, stands for: work in progress. Lastly I’ll be choosing 5 other authors to tag in this post. Although, I don't know how to 'tag' people in a blog but I'm sure I will figure it out! If not, I will call Adrienne for technical support because she's really great at that stuff.

Here it goes!

What’s the working title of your WIP?
I am actually writing two novels. I know, crazy right? As everyone knows I’m finishing up the final touches for the third novel in my Flightless Bird series, Fair Feathered and I’ve also really jumped started this other book I’ve had on the back burner for awhile. The new book, or I suppose my new WIP, is called Chosen and its first installment of a brand new series. (Don’t worry Flightless Bird fans, there will be a 4th book in the Flightless Bird series!)

Where did your idea come from for your book?
I’ll focus on talking about Chosen since Fair Feathered is a continuation of a series. The idea for Chosen actually…I don’t know where it really came from! There were a multitude of things that sort of brought this story together, one of those things being a person named Adrienne and another one of those things being music. Looking back, it was about a year ago when I started dabbling with this story not sure where it was really going until I knew where it was going.

What genre does your book fall under?
Chosen falls under young adult paranormal romance with a dash of epicness and a sprinkle of awesome. There’s a little bit of an underlying romance in Chosen but it’s heavily laced with a paranormal aspect which I think makes the story more exciting.

Which actors would you pick to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Wow. This question is always really hard for me. It will take me awhile, days or weeks even to think of someone who is remotely close to who I would picture playing my characters. I’m very particular about how I picture them in my head. Hmm…let me work on this question and maybe in a blog later down the road I will have a blog with their pictures.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?
This is tricky but here it goes: When your not-so-average girl is thrown into your not-so-average thousand year old war, her fate, and the fate of the world may be changed forever. There isn’t much more I can say without giving things away!

Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?
Proudly self published! Woot woot! Being an indie author rocks because I have so much more freedom to write the story my way and publish it in a timely manner once I feel it has been perfected.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I initially started Chosen about a year ago as a side project but I’ve started to really dedicate more time to it, so I’m on my third draft of it. But to finish the first draft I’d say it took me about six months. Sounds like it took forever but remember, at the time I started it was just a side project. But now it’s more of a full time project!

What other books would you compare this story within your genre?
This is a good question! My storyline is definitely unique in its own right with the majority of its aspects but comparing it to other stories I’d have to say something kind of along the lines of The Premonition Series by Amy A Bartol, The Saving Angels series by Tiffany King, and Demon Kissed by H.M. Ward. You’re probably thinking “Oh I totally know what your series is going to be about.” But guess again. I always enjoy taking my readers by surprise! I always throw a twist and turn that readers won’t expect.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
It was hands down Adrienne (who is my bestie of besties if that is even allowed to be said publicly). I remember I practically blew up her phone one day in a fluster of words because I was so excited about this idea for Chosen. I just didn’t know where to take it. I remember spouting off about it because I was so excited and then Adrienne had to correct me on a few things concerning legends and what not. I’m so grateful I have her to correct me when I’m wrong or else I would make a fool of myself. But Adrienne never fails me and helped me flesh out a plan with the correct differentiations and BAM! A new story was in the making. (Adrienne is epic! But don’t tell her I said that...but I'm sure she already knows...=D)

What else about your book might pique the readers interest?
If you’re one for high tension romances then this one is for you and by highly tensioned I mean, crazy chemistry between two characters. The main characters have this intense attraction for one another but their personalities completely clash which makes for an interesting love story. The paranormal aspect in this book is a lot more engrossing and deeply rooted as well. Chosen has a lot more action scenes in it too and nail biting choices the main character must make no matter if the consequences are good or bad. I’m not sure what else I can really say without giving anything away but Chosen will be full of surprises. It’s like reality but with a twist of a dark romance, epic action sequences, and heavily themed paranormal aspects. Grab your popcorn people because this one will have drama!
Alright! That was the epic interview! More information about Chosen will be coming soon...after Fair Feathered is out! I now tag these awesome authors:
  • Rebecca Rynecki
  • Michelle Nicole
  • Alexandra Woods
  • Nancy Straight
  • Alexandra Diane

Also, before I go, in honor of a certain person who is kind enough to dedicate her time to read my blog, I have to give this epic shout out to Denise because she is AWESOME and also makes delicious no-bake cookies, apple cider, and muddy buddies!! I'm sending a giant hug your way!

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