Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fair Feathered Playlist

It's that time now....music time! I am so excited to release the Fair Feathered playlist for all you music lovers out there and just all you Flightless Bird fans in general! These were the top 30 songs I listened to when writing this whole book. I hope none of the songs giveaway anything but you can assume what you want. My lips are sealed until the book is released! ;-) Until then, you can guess and wonder what is going to happen. The songs are in no particular order and do not represent a chapter or anything. It's just what I had playing during some scenes to get me in the mood for action or romance or dramatic scene or solving the many mysterious of their lives...which after you read will be able to put together. Here it is!

Fair Feathered Playlist:
  1. Blinding-Florence + the Machine
  2. Breathe Me-Sia
  3. One Thing-Finger Eleven
  4. If I Die Young-The Band Perry
  5. Forever and Ever-He is We
  6. Invincible-Ok Go
  7. Fixed at Zero-Versaemerge
  8. Sand in Your Shoes-This Providence
  9. My Last Breath-Evanescence
  10. Arise-Flyleaf
  11. Chasm-Flyleaf
  12. Monster Hospital-Metric
  13. Leave Out All the Rest-Linkin Park
  14. Let the Flames Begin-Paramore
  15. We Are Broken-Paramore
  16. Terrified-Story of the Year
  17. I Will Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab for Cutie
  18. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)-Florence + the Machine
  19. Last Leaf-Ok Go
  20. Rain Falls Down-We the Kings
  21. Burn the Night Away-There for Tomorrow
  22. Vindicated-Dashboard Confessional
  23. Duck and Run-3 Doors Down
  24. Beside You-Marianas Trench
  25. Fire Away-The Swellers
  26. Makedamnsure-Taking Back Sunday (This is Damon's song)
  27. Hello Cold World-Paramore
  28. It Will Rain-Bruno Mars
  29. End of the Dream-Evanescence
  30. Before its Too Late-The Goo Goo Dolls
And you want to know what Livy and Gregory's song is for each other? I know you are all going to be really excited about this one. It's on the list above and I'm fairly certain that this song is on every other playlist because its their song:

Last Leaf by Ok Go

Yep! That is their song! And just because I'm feeling super nice about it, I will post the song right here for your ears to listen to. Here is the band playing it live:

And here is the official music video for their song if you don't like live versions:
Now you know Livy and Gregory's secret song for each other. :-) Enjoy!

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