Thursday, October 11, 2012

Update, Shout-Out, and The Perfect Game!

I just have to start this blog talking about how GREAT my Wednesday was and actually, how awesome the rest of the week has been going for me! I would love to sit and go on and on about all the great things but to keep it short and sweet, just know that I've been getting so much done for Fair Feathered! Between blasting my music, drinking my iced tea, and typing away, I have been feeling so inspired! Just last week I was struggling with a few scenes and I had to re-write them which put me behind a little bit but I am really happy with how those scenes turned out and I am definitely on a roll. This week I've added a few more scenes and I'm adding the final touches for Fair Feathered. I'm just working over some edits, corrections, and re-working some paragraphs to strengthen a scene or a chapter. I just have to have every last detailed perfected because if it isn't I will never be satisfied! There is always something that can be tuned to be better than the original.

So besides me dancing around my house while jamming to my music and feeling my creative juices flowing, I hope everyone else is having a brilliant week! If you're not, just remember that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Which then also means the weekend! Which hopefully then means sleeping in, relaxing, enjoying family and friends...whatever suits your fancy! Hopefully most of you will squeeze in some reading time! A lot of my amazing author friends have their books coming out!

My friend J. Sterling actually released her latest novel, 'The Perfect Game' and my copy is waiting on my Kindle for me to read. I am so excited to read this!! Jenn and I talked about how we really need to get writing. For a few days we were each other's cheerleader trying to promote the other to write. Clearly she finished her amazing novel before I finished mine and I am so excited for her!! Congrats Jenn!! :-) So for those of you looking for something good to read this weekend, I recommend The Perfect Game by J. Sterling. I know I can't wait to read it! Look, I was even nice enough to find the link everyone. Just click on it and you will be basking in the glow of J. Sterling's new book! (Seriously guys, she's great!)

Before I forget, I am going to release the Fair Feathered playlist!! I feel like its time that one came out so maybe some of you can find new music or try to assume why these songs are on the list. Many of them helped write many scenes. Music always gets me in the mood. So keep guessing! Fair Feathered is in the final stages and almost ready for the readers!

Also, once more, I have to give another shout-out to Denise because she a wonderful person and is just really amazingly awesome and everyone wishes they could drink really great apple cider at her house. Thank you Denise for thinking the things I ramble about are worth reading! :-) You rock!

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  1. thank you so much for this!!!!!! now get back to writing! LOL *sigh* our long, late, twitter filled nights. you rock! :) xo