Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fair Feathered is now Available!!

Alright, so right now I am a multitude of emotions. I am also slightly freaking out. But fret not, they are all positive emotions. Fair Feathered just made its epic debut. It's finally midnight where I am. So November 20th is official. All of you have been waiting excruciatingly long for this story and FINALLY it has made it out!

So I just have to say...um...I AM SO EXCITED! I know I've probably been saying that since, I announced the release date and possible even before that. I should probably work on using more adjectives to describe my happiness. I am a writer after all, I should be better at this adjective stuff. But right now, I don't even really care. All you fans have been so endearing and so, so, so, patient and thank you for that. I promise this has paid off!

Fair Feathered is live. On Amazon. RIGHT NOW. Well, for all the Kindle versions! I checked the Nook and other E-book status' and unfortunately it looks like things for the Nook should be all wrapped up and officially live by Thursday or Friday. Or so I'm told. It's published but some of the retailers haven't made it live in their stores just yet. Hang in there for only a few more days!

Paperbacks, yeah, there's been a few minor setbacks with these but don't worry a cent about it because they should be all set and ready to go live by the end of the week too. They just take a few days to process after I hit the magical little 'publish' button. :D

Yayayayayayayayay!!!! Woot woot! Alright, I had to throw in some cheers there because this is just so....EEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! But of course I have a list of wonderful people to thank first of all. Rebecca Rynecki, Tiffany King, Michelle Nicole, Robert Zimmermann, and so many more for sending out tweets, facebook posts, blog posts, a giveaway and everything else!

Becca, for seriously (okay...that didn't exactly make sense). You are freaking amazing. All the things you've done for this story and for me, I appreciate so so so much. Sending GIANT hugs your way! 
Michelle, thank you for doing this giant Fair Feathered par-tay and doing an awesome giveaway! Your positivity is so endearing. Pen Pals for life!! :) 
Tiffany, thank you for spreading the love and word about Fair Feathered. You are such a kind soul! I heart you so much! <3
Rob, you are epic and I have to thank you for your epicness because without you the hype about this book may not be as epic as regular epic proportions call for. Was that sentence epic enough for you? :D

By the way, if you  haven't read any of their work, you NEED to check out their books. I love all of their stories they have to tell. I highly recommend all the authors above for some seriously great reading! :-) I linked their names above so you can check out their sites and see what the awesomeness is all about!

Speaking of links, this is the link to purchase your copy of the Fair Feathered Kindle Version on Amazon. To end this blog on a good note, here is Livy and Gregory's secret song once again.

Now go have fun reading Fair Feathered!

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