Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Hello December

I don't even know where to start. How the heck has Fair Feathered been out for 2 weeks already?! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all survived Black Friday if you dared to even exit the safety of your home. Me? Well, I was on the couch with a few good books that I've been needing to read for awhile. My TBR (to-be-read) list has grown so drastically so that I fear if I don't start reading some of it now, the list will never ever end.

Want to know what I read? Well, for starters I read Miss Me Not by the always lovely Tiffany King and it was so good! The story was so heartfelt and just true to what some high schoolers may think when it concerns suicide. I highly recommend this story if you're looking for a nice change of pace from the usual contemporary stuff that's out there now.

As for what I've been doing other than reading...well, as usual I've been writing my brains out. I am working on my newest series AND working on the final Flightless Bird series installment which is titled, in case any of your forgot, Timeless Sky. You think writing two gigantic books at the same time is easy? No. No it is not. How do I do it? I think I no longer sleep...yeah...I think that's my secret. Either that or I have no social life besides my cat who has comfortably found himself a nice place to lay under the christmas tree. My stocking that hangs over my fake "fireplace" aka my heater, and my stocking is also a cat. It has a little cat face on it and everything. You can tell my cat and I go all out for the holidays, cat style. I also painted this really cute ceramic reindeer a few weeks back and he conveniently sits right next to the TV. That's pretty much as far as decorations go for me so far. I mean, actually digging out the box of christmas stuff is a lot of work and I'm lazy...really lazy sometimes. Although, my roommate and I have been wanting to put some lights up. Ya know, glamorize the place or something.

Speaking of roommate...she totally started watching season 1 of the Walking Dead WITHOUT ME! I actually think she is watching it right now as I type this. Hmm...I'll have to go spy on her to see if my hunches are correct. If they are, I am going to...probably write her a note, fold it into a paper plane and fly it at her like a secret attack. She'll never see it coming. Muhahaha! *insert really cheesy laugh here* Or I'll just go bother her and start talking about the weather or something not even relevant to anything. That's just how we roll most days: totally random.

Anywho, its December now. I feel like the time flies right on by! But on a positive note, thank you so much for all the positive feedback that has been coming in since the release of Fair Feathered! I know this one took me so long to write and I know most of you probably read it in like a day and are already wanting to read the next one. Like I always say, if it were possible for me to have the books out faster, I would totally do that! I'm working with the time I have now because not sleeping isn't my secret, I like my sleep. In fact, I need my sleep!

Thank you to all of you who came to the Fair Feathered release partay hosted by the ever amazing Michelle Nicole and once again, congrats to Kyra P who won the giveaway! The party was awesome. Especially with the Fair Feathered playlist Michelle had jamming on her blog!

Now I off to return to my writing cave which is now full of iced tea and freshly popped kettle corn. Heck yeah for writing in style!

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