Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Cover! Interview! Giveaway! Oh My!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Woohoo! I hope everyone and whatever you celebrate, got to eat delicious food, spend time with family, and just get some R & R! Looks like we all survived the end of the world. Now we can all tell our grandkids an epic tale of how we fought for our survival until they look it up in a history book and realize that none of it actually happened. Maybe I'll tell my future grandkids that it was like Farienheit 451 (which is one of my favorite books) and that people were burning books but there authors that fought for their beloved stories! But by then I'm sure they'll know I have quite the runaway imagination.

I just wanted to announce that I have a slight new obsession with the TV show The Walking Dead. It's true. That show is freaking awesome and if you haven't started watching it I think you should take it up because it will teach you everything you need to know about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Well, in some sense. But no matter! It's such an action packed, drama filled show that it's hard to stop watching and waiting for season 3 to come back on in February is gruelling.

Zombie brains and guts are everywhere and the suspense! You just never know what is going to happen on this show! My really awesome and crazy funny friend Ashley is addicted too and she came over to visit the other day and noticed the mass amounts of ducks just chilling in the backyard (its right by a lake) and we declared that we had a problem. The backyard was being invaded by The Walking Ducks! We had to escape the house quick if it meant we were to survive. Otherwise the ducks would attack us and eat our flesh!

Yeah, we are a little dramatic. But this is what happens when The Walking Dead doesn't come back on until February. We have to compromise and pretend there are zombie ducks instead of real zombies. *Sigh* This show is straight up awesome and that says a lot coming from me because I don't watch TV a lot. I hardly watch it at all but when The Walking Dead is on, everyone better be quiet because I cannot be interrupted! Just like when I'm writing or reading. The golden rule there is just to not interrupt me...or else.

In honor of not being interrupted, I think this song fits best. It's a fairly accurate description of what happens when someone interrupts my reading/writing time. Or at least my mom says it is. This song cracks me up everytime....hahaha!

Maybe I should spend my blog posts talking about something possibly more productive like...oh I don't know...maybe something like....


Yes peeps you read that right. Flightless Bird is getting a makeover no thanks to Adrienne the awesome. We have a few ideas fleshed out and now its just a matter of taking the photos because after that Adrienne will do her magical stuff and BAM. We have ourselves a brand new awesome cover. We're also fleshing out ideas for the final Flightless Bird book: Timeless Sky. I will do a big cover reveal for both. I promise!

Also, I have a feeling that the cover for CHOSEN is going to be badass. Why? Because I said so and also I met up with the fabulous Sarah who is a graphic designer at Okay Creations (where the designs are not just okay) and she's hard at work making something completely amazing. I just know it. I will do a big cover reveal for that book too no worries. :-)

In other news, Gregory Mason, that's right THE Gregory Mason stopped by Moonlight Reviews for a mini interview. Naturally if you're a Gregory fan, you should click the link to read the interview so you can get some Gregory charm and wit for your day. I hear Gregory has a crooked smile that makes all the ladies swoon. ;-)

ALSO!!!! My amazing bestest PenPal, Michelle Nicole is doing a HUGE New Years Giveaway of 27 books. Guess what is included? Flightless Bird, Broken Wings, and Fair Feathered! You only have today and tomorrow to enter to win some great books! Alongside me are authors like Michelle Leighton (author of Down to You, Up to You, Blood Like Poison Trilogy), Tiffany King (author of Saving Angels series, Unlikely Allies, Miss Me Not) Courtney Cole (author of Bloodstone Saga, Confessions of an Ally Kat), Chelsea Fine (author of Archers of Avalon and Sofie&Carter) and so many more!! So click right here to enter before the giveaway ends! Go go go!!!

Alright this blog has been rambly enough. I am going to go back to writing some awesome sauce stuff for CHOSEN and Timeless Sky. Why do I capitalize CHOSEN? I'm not sure. I think it just adds to the emphasis of what's in store for that epic book.

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