Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cover Reveal Announcement!


I'm in a good mood because it's Saturday which means that it's time to kick back and seriously freaking relax! Though my R&R time will be like a whole whopping 5 minutes because I have to get back to writing. This week has been swamped with work but this weekend I am ready to get back on track and start writing more of Chosen!

Speaking of Chosen....I'M REVEALING ITS COVER FEBRUARY 8TH!!!! Yep. I felt like shouting that. So go mark your calenders and prepare for such an epic day that day!! Truly, I can't wait to reveal this cover. It's AMAZING!!! :D Only 20 more days!! Woohoo!

Alright, I won't technically start the countdown until we are actually closer to the cover reveal. But fasten your seat belts because February is going to be one busy month for me! I have more than a few tricks up my sleeves.

Kind of on a side note, you know my really awesome, amazing friend Adrienne who designs the covers for the Flightless Bird series? Yeah well, she will be coming to visit everyone on my blog! That's right! You people FINALLY get to meet the genius behind the designs! I know I always talk about her but no one has ever seen her or heard from her's about time she came and hung out with me on my blog don't you think? I'm not sure when she'll stop by exactly but it will be in the near future. Somehow in some crazy way, her schedule is even busier than mine. Yeah, sounds impossible right? But somehow she stays sane through it all...

So, February 8th is the day. FEBRUARY 8TH is the day that Chosen will be unveiled!!! I know I keep saying it but I'm just trying to get the word out that it will be an epic Friday that day so stick around to hear all about it. If you couldn't already tell, I'm just a teeny tiny bit excited!

Now I must be off to listen to some Paramore and write. I also have make more iced tea so I best be getting that done as well.

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