Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Chosen excerpt #1

Hey everyone! Happy Teaser Tuesday!!

I felt like amping up some excitement for Chosen as it gets closer to June (which is when I'm planning on releasing Chosen but my schedule always gets thrown off by something...let's hope I can stay on track!).

Today's teaser sure is a...tease. I wasn't sure what to first release but I thought this was good. It was also on Have Book Will Read's blog a few weeks back but in case you all didn't see it, here is the excerpt I released!


Cole, in all his confidence, stared honestly at me. His features were gentle and like I was dumbstruck, I didn’t know what to say. Seeing that I was frozen, Cole took slow deliberate steps towards me and I wrapped my hands around the swing-set ropes so tightly that my knuckles were turning white with my grip. Stepping into the well-worn hole in the earth from years of people kicking off the ground to swing, he came closer until our knees were pressed together and I could feel the tips of his shoes against my boots. I suddenly stood to move away but he then wrapped his hands over mine, his skin was warm and like it transferred heat, my body suddenly felt like it was rising in temperature. I was trapped in by him and the minimal space between us was making me crazy. I glanced up at him and he leaned his head closer to mine, my heart was out of control in my chest.
                I should be stopping this. I should have shoved him away and let loose a string of profanities at him for thinking that I would kiss him. I should have done a lot of things, but I didn’t. Swallowing down the insanity of nerves raging in my body, Cole’s eyes watched the movement of my throat until they slowly trailed up my neck and to my lips. Images from last night when he had been this close suddenly forced themselves to the front of my mind. Both of us on the floor, watching one another with hungry eyes, and yet distance still separated us. I would have done anything to twine my fingers in his thick brown hair and pull him tight against my body and never let go of his mouth. A shaky breath escaped my lungs at the thought and I started to realize how crazy he made me feel, especially at this proximity. The desire to kiss him overwhelmed my senses and I caught myself unintentionally wetting my lower lip with the tip of my tongue. Just a taste…I thought.
                Cole was the one to swallow this time when he saw my tongue stealthily sweep out over my parted lips. It was like I was beckoning him closer and I could see him slowly giving into temptation in his raw stare. Slowly, his hands ran up my arms, leaving chills across my skin at the heat brewing in my body, igniting my impatience to have him in my arms. Even though we were outside, the air did nothing to cool the electric feeling between us. It was like I had become the sun and he was my sky, enveloping me until the universe had become just him and just me.
                The tips of his fingers gently caressed my neck, sending faint tickles down my spine. He inched closer and closer until he stopped, just a breath away, our eyes not leaving the others. As the end of his nose brushed the tip of mine, my eyes fluttered shut, anticipating his touch.

WOOHOO!! Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Meanwhile I am going to return to writing! Cheers!

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