Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cece's Birthday SALE!

All right, so obviously I forgot to mention what the big surprise was yesterday. I am such a slacker lately. Anyway, as you saw, yesterday was Cece's birthday! (She's from the Flightless Bird series). Yes, I am one of those people who celebrates their characters birthdays...

In honor of her little birthday bash this was the surprise I was going to reveal, if the post title hasn't already given it away...


That's right folks, the book that started it all is on sale till Friday! That means 3 days that it will only be 99 pennies. Spread the word, give a shout-out, send some tweets, share the love. :-)

Links to the sale: Amazon   Barnes and Noble

Tomorrow I have another surprise...the sequel Broken Wings will be only $0.99!! Can you believe it? Neither can I. (ha, ha, love Wednesday morning sarcasm). Then Friday Fair Feathered will be $0.99!!!! Can you talk about a week of sales?! Share the love for the Flightless Bird series!!

Then I also have a little last surprise up my sleeve....which will be announced most likely next Tuesday because it will be Teaser Tuesday...hmmm....I wonder what that means!

It is also National Poetry Month! I hope some of you have embraced the literary world and have gone to some live poetry readings, listened to some slam or spoken word poetry, or have even written some of your own poems! I always like to encourage literary creativity that is apart from fiction too. Embrace your inner poets people!

Go forth and conquer today with awesome, spread smiles, and high-five your friends. Make it a good day.

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