Monday, April 1, 2013

March is Over?!

Um...what the hell. March is already over? See how long I've been locked in my writing cave? Yeah...long enough to let a whole month pass without blogging except when I interviewed Gabriel. Which by the way was an awesome and hilarious interview. Loved it.

Meanwhile I've been obsessively listening to You Me At Six. I love all their stuff and lately they seem to be my muse for writing a lot. I just turn them on repeat in the background and I sit at my computer and write and write and write. If you haven't heard of them....GO LOOK THEM UP NOW. Seriously. If you like alternative rock, I'd suggest you check them out. They have great stuff.

I'm a little bit upset at the fact that The Walking Dead is over!! Season 3 ended last night with a somber ending and I was sad to see some good characters go. I won't say who in case you haven't watched it yet but this past season has been nothing short of a roller coaster of drama! Now season 4 doesn't come back on until seems so far away...*sigh* Maybe part of the reason The Walking Dead is so good is because you never know what is going to happen and who is going to die. Just when you start to like the character...bam! They sacrifice for the greater good. The suspense is brilliant!

Spring is officially here and with that SHOULD come good weather therefore making it more motivation to sit in the sun and write with a glass of fresh iced tea of course. Chosen is making progress, big progress, though I am still not as far as I would like to be. I've gone back and have been adding more detail and little things that it seems to be offsetting the progress I should be making towards finishing. Thank goodness I have a sweet and very patient editor who is letting me work at a snail's pace on this story. I mean it when I say that I have been working and spending loads of time on this story and I've had a serious lack of sleep because of it. I go to bed late and wake up early then stumble around until I can find caffeine to kick start me into the day. Then of course I have a million and a half things to do in a day before I can sit and write.

So this post today is pretty much pointless. Blah, blah, blah rambling on about nothing. I'm surprised you're still reading this. Anywho, maybe I should announce that there is going to be the first ever Chosen teaser coming very soon!

Seriously. I mean that. A small snippet of Chosen I am planning to reveal as well as revealing another song from the playlist! I need to keep up on these that it's April I will be better about posting. Hopefully.

I need to go make more iced tea now.

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