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Interview with Gabriel from the 'Alaina Downs' series!

Yes, yes, I do realize I've been slacking on the blog posting but I'm been literally busier than a bee. I am happy to announce though, that the first post of March will be hosting Gabriel from The Secret World of Alaina Downs and The Knight's Ill-Thought Bargain by the one, the only, fabulous Rebecca Rynecki!!

I was so exctied to interview Gabriel on the blog today because well, he's a swoon worthy knight! Plus he's British which is always a bonus when he speaks am I right ladies? *Hears knocking on front door* That must be him! So without further aideu, please welcome Gabriel!!!

*Serves two cups of coffee* Thanks so much for stopping by Gabriel! How goes it?
*silence* *a brief chuckle* Still not one hundred percent used to the way people talk here. It goes, ah, it goes well. You mean my life, yeah? It's going well.

I was going to say "How's it going?" but I felt like mixing it up a bit. What do you miss the most about being a knight?
I think if I said all the free mead and women then Alaina would kill me, yeah? *laughs* Ah, no. I miss flying the dragons. There's nothing quite like having that much power resting between your thighs. Well...okay maybe there's something better *laughs* but, seriously, driving one of those bloody cars is not the same thing. I might get a motorcycle...

Motorcycles are great! Harley Davidson perhaps? Any knighthood secrets you think you can share? Please? Just one?
No! Just...just don't drink too much. You never know when you'll be needed for something, and a pissed knight is not very helpful, yeah?

Fine...don't share. *laughs* When did you know you wanted to be a knight?
What boy in Isleen didn't? Especially when the dragons settled. I was just lucky enough that I was good with a sword *shrugs modestly*

When coming to the 21st century, what was the biggest change and how did you deal with it? Trust me, even I sometimes still have issues with all the technology.
Where do I even start? I will say that this whole bloody underwear business took some getting used to, although to tell you the truth *leans forward and whispers* most of the time I still go without. I don't understand why the men of this world wear them, kind of constricting on the bits, ya know? But I've found those, um, boxers to be the best choice. More freeing, eh?

*Laughs* Well, in that case, thanks for sharing! Any new favorite food/sport/hobby you enjoy from this century?
I'm rather a fan of Mexican food. Never had anything like it in Isleen. Still trying to get used to this concept of running for fun, you know, on those contraptions? It's a bit odd...

I love Mexican food! Seriously, I could eat it like every day! What surprised you the most about living in the ‘real world’ with Alaina?
Oi! Isleen is real, just technologically advanced. And there's magic there, not here. I don't know, everything surprised me. The people, just the sheer amount of stuff people have, oh and the stores! And everything is fast here, I couldn't keep up for a while.

Speaking of Alaina, tell me, what did you think when you first saw her? Was it love at first sight?
*laughs* love? Haha, no! I mean, once I learned the truth about who she was, I admit to some, er, lusting, you know the kind. Throwing her on the grass or the bed and getting all sweaty, yeah? I thought she was different. I just wanted to listen to her talk, she...*sighs* she was just so different that I couldn't help but need to be close to her.

At the risk of sounding! How sweet! What do you admire most about Alaina?
I have a safe answer and a not so safe one *laughs* all right, eh, she's amazing. She's so bloody amazing. She's my world, you know? I admire her...everything. *pauses* is it all right if I say her body as well? I be honest?
No worries Gabe, this is a judge free zone. Be as honest as you want! Name one thing no one knows about you.
My shoe size here is a size 12...take from that what you will *laughs* okay, no...I like puppies.


Thank you so much for stopping by Gabe! *Shuts front door behind him as he leaves* Didn't you just love that interview? I know I did!

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Her stories are some of my favorite stories to read and therefore I would highly recommend these reads if you're looking for a steamy romance with knights, dragons, and all sorts of fantasy adventure!

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  1. Gah! Such a great interview...and I am jealous that you got to be in the same room with Gabriel *swoons* What a hunky (and underwearless!) knight. :P