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Seth and Alex Interview from Soul Survivor!

As promised, here is that epic interview with none other than Seth and Alex from Soul Survivor!!

Hi Seth! Welcome! What’s been new with you? Thanks so much for stopping by today.

S: Hello, dear Paulina! I'm well. How are you? I really love your new hair color. Dark is sexy. *winks*

Me: I am doing well! Thank you for the comment, about the hair, I like it too. You really think it’s nice?

S: *leans in* Oh yes, I love all things dark and dangerous. Things are going well. I've been a bit tied up with Hailee. Speaking of I promised her I'd be on my best behavior but sometimes I can't help myself. It would be smart to keep a safe zone of space between us. *wicked grin lines his face as he moves back*

Me: Uh....yeah...wait what? Hailee? Oh right. Riiiiigghhhhtt. Okay focusing back. Um, so, what's been new? Anything new?

S: Nothing really, just been hanging out around Hailee's home a good bit. I've been having a difficult time staying away from her. Don't tell her this, but I've been watching her a lot from the Realm. She intrigues me. How someone can be so pure and good is beyond me. Although you remind me of her a bit dear, Paulina. You have a good soul as well...I'm not typically fond of humans but I'd say you're one of my favorites. Don't go telling people that though--I have ways of keeping my secrets hidden and I'd prefer to not have to use those WAYS on you, darling.

Me: Hailee has a heart of gold! Hopefully there will be a time when I can hang with her! You know, have girl time. Stop flattering me, psh....but if you had to use them on me I wouldn't mind. Hehehe Is there anything you can tell me about yourself, that maybe no one else knows? I can keep a secret.

S: *Leans in* Well, there is something-- *KNOCK! KNOCK!* You expecting company my dear?

Me: I don't think so, but *opens door* Alex! Hi! Come in! *smiles like dork*

A: Hello, Paulina! *walks in* What's he doing here?

S: *chuckles* Hello, Alexander!

Me: Uh....this is not what it looks like. Though if it looks like that then, I'm okay with that.

A: Paulina! Don't you know he's dangerous! You're just a human--you have no defenses against him. It's a good thing I decided to drop and check in on you. *sits on end of couch* *glares at Seth*

Me: Well, he’s been nice enough so far and okay, who wants some iced tea?

S: I’d love some sweetheart.

A: No. Thank. You.

Me: *awkward silence* Um okay. Here you go Seth. *hands glass* So Alex…how are you?

A: I've been having a great day. Sethaniel hasn't been lurking around which I now know why. *glares* Paulina, would you like me to hook you up with your own personal Guardian? I've got my hands full with Hailee but I could recruit a very talented one for you. I mean now that he knows where you live--I'd feel better knowing you were being guarded.

S: Oh, hush Alexander! She's not a hybrid and she's not getting in the way of anything we're fine. Besides she brews some great tea--not sweet like Hailee's Mom makes but still satisfying. *Seth smiles mischievously*

Me: Well Alex, I wouldn't mind having a sexy guardian, I mean guardian around. You know to have someone to talk to when I'm just sitting around writing. I totally back this plan. No offense Seth. I wouldn't need him for protection....ahem. Well, I'm glad you like my iced tea! Us northerners like it un-sweet. Actually it’s just me that likes it that way. *thinks about how much sexy is in one room* Like Seth said, I don’t really interfere. I just observe from a distance.

A: Most Guardians are male. Sexist I know but I don't call the shots. I can send one right over. I can't guarantee he'll be "sexy" but he should be good company unlike some people.

S: Come on, Alexander. Stop acting like a spoiled child. We're in the presence of good company and you can't even pretend to be civil?! Wait til I tell Hailee about your attitude. She will not be happy.

A: *pounds fist on coffee table* I have had enough of your--of you!

Me: Okay, okay let's just settle it down now. Deep breaths! We can be civil! How about we chat about...favorite books. What are your favorite books?

S: *chuckles* Sorry, sweet Paulina. Alexander has a bit of a temper. I don't read much of the new age stuff. I study the ancient texts a good bit--searching for clues and prophecies. I do enjoy Entertainment Weekly magazine--keeps me updated on the culture.

A: *rolls eyes* Paulina I apologize for my behavior. He knows how to get under my skin. *sighs* I enjoy reading very much. I actually just finished your book, Broken Wings. Very intriguing. I'd love to meet your friends sometime.

*Me: squeals* Alex! You would want to meet my friends? Really? Like is this a for real deal? I will definitely pass along the message. I think you and Gregory would get along nicely. Damon too...though Damon is...well, Damon. Seth might get along better with his...humor. At least you both are into reading, that is a bonus! But where do you two go from here? Will there ever be peace?

A: I'd love to meet Gregory. Stand up guy. Peace? Doubtful. You do know what's he done, right? Besides, we all know he's going to hurt Hailee sooner or later.

S: *gets in Alex's face* You know NOTHING about me. You know NOTHING about our relationship!

A: *grits teeth* Paulina, I'm sorry but if you prefer to keep your apartment intact I should be leaving now. I should get back to protecting, Hailee. We all know she needs a good man in her life.

Me: Whoa, whoa! All right, all right! Let's just all keep it calm because I don't want to lose my coffee table tonight thanks. Alex! you don't have to leave so soon, you could stay! Really!*wedges between the two of them*

S: *shouts around Paulina* Good man?! Are you serious?! You've done nothing but lie to her. I might not be pure but at least I'm honest!

A: Whatever! We'll see how honest you are soon enough! *leans into Paulina's ear* Sorry, sweetheart. I'll send my best Guardian Axel over. He'll take good care of you. I have to go. *Alex heads for the door*

Me: Alex! Wait! *slams door* So Seth…want some more tea?

S: Sorry Paulina. I should go too. Who knows what kind of bull Alexander will feed Hailee. But thank you for having me. The pleasure was all mine. *Kisses Paulina’s hand*

Me: *tries not to swoon* If you must go…promise you’ll visit again soon? The pleasure was all mine. Tell hailee I say hi!

S: I most certainly will--do both. We didn't have much time to get into the juicy details of all that is The Darkness. I know you have more questions about me. *winks* Goodbye my favorite human.

Me: *waves wistfully* Goodbye Seth...!

And that ladies and gents is Seth and Alex. Want to know what the drama is about? Grab your copy of Soul Survivor today by Michelle Nicole!

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  1. Fantastic interview, Paulina! I love that Alex showed up, interrupting Seth's visit. They ARE always bumping heads. :) Thanks for participating in the tour.