Friday, September 6, 2013

300 Likes Giveaway!

Wake me up when September ends...

Just kidding.

I am amazed at how fast August went by. The cooler weather is starting to set in and fall is on its way! Though I'm even more excited for October. Why? Let's review.

1. Chosen is coming out October 31st. Halloween is going to be epic this year!
2. My editor has her debut novel coming out, Whispers & Wishes, on October 24th!
3. October is a beautiful month weather wise with all the leaves changing.

BUT! September has just started and this month is packed with exiting things! Flightless Bird's NEW COVER will be revealed on September 11th! The cover is gorgeous and I have to give Amber a huge shout-out over at eThinkGraphics!! She did some great work so stick around and you'll get to see the new cover on Wednesday! So many awesome blogs will be posting it, BookCrushin', Book-Marks the Spot, and so many more!

One more thing, if I reach 300 or more likes on my facebook page, I'm giving away an e-book copy of Flightless Bird with the NEW cover! Be sure to comment on my status and on Wednesday I will randomly select a winner!! Here's the link if you want to win:

Other than that, there are going to be some very special characters stopping by on Sunday from Michelle Nicole's Soul Survivor. And by special I mean totally mysterious and a little on the sexy side: Seth and Alex! Two hotties in ONE blog post? Things are about to get crazy...

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