Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pinterest & Veggie Chips

Lately, I've been munching on veggie chips. These things are so delicious. Organic, free of preservatives, healthy--then again I try to only eat foods that are healthy. Not to mention I grow a lot of my own fruits and veggies in my garden. So glad summer is on the way for some of them to be ripe enough to eat!
Anyway, in other news, are you on Pinterest? I LOVE Pinterest and I have a blast pinning to my book boards. I've got one for Flightless Bird series and the Fighting Fate series and then of course a page simply for the love of books! Then I have a slew of others boards for fun too. Check out the 
Book nerds unite on Pinterest!! I love doing crafts too. Pinterest is a great place to find lots of fun crafts! Granted, some of them don't work. Especially with the food ones, sometimes they turn out delicious and sometimes they don't. It's a guessing game!
What's your favorite thing about Pinterest? Share in the comments!

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