Friday, May 1, 2015

Writing Tip #2



Jokes. It really is May now. Which is awesome! Not for any particular reason, just the fact that Flightless Bird is coming out sooner than thought so...mark them calenders folks! JUNE 24th!

Today's post is all about that writing, about that writing, no bass. Please tell me you got that joke, otherwise, it totally was wasted!

Moving on...

Another writing tip I wanted to share with you was focusing on character development. People so often think they are developing their characters when there is still so much lacking. Great, your character has a whole 3 personality traits. This is about creating complex characters, with flaws, and depth, and the ability to make mistakes. This is going to turn into a monstrous post if I keep going on all that needs to happen with characters but I mean it when I say, get to know your characters, right down to where the very last freckle on their face is. 

Questions to consider asking your fictional friend:

-What's their favorite color?
-What is their goal? Passion? Mission?
-How are they going to grow? Learn? Change/Not Change?
-What is it about them specifically that makes them unique? Create a character that has more than one interest because really. That's lame if the ONLY interest your character has is one thing. Unless you're working in various other writing forms then...okay, that's a tip for another day.

Start with those questions. See where it gets you. I love talking about this so stay tuned for more tips in the future. 

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