Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August & October-Mark Those Calendars!

Yeah so I never did get around to making that video. I had good intentions to but laziness stepped in and saved the day. Ha.

So I'm sitting here and in the background the TV is on some show about Sasquatch. Why? I have no idea. I'm just writing this blog and the history channel had to go all monster hunting on me. What's up with all the monster hunting stuff on TV lately anyway? Is this a new trend or something? Time to change the channel for better background noise. Anywho...

A few major (but awesome!) changes are coming in August too. Wish I could share them now but I think I will leave you in suspense until the awesome actually shows up!

Some updates though: For those of you who have read the Flightless Bird series, Timeless Sky is coming along! It's been a little bit harder to write only because it's the last book in the series and of course it has to end with a bang! Don't worry for all the Damon fans, you will have your ending to know what happened to him....or will you? Always a mystery.

Chosen is going GREAT! I'm taking the next few weeks to wrap it up and finally and for reals, it is going to be out in October. OCTOBER!! The date is set and no matter what, nothing is going to delay this book any further! It is out much later than I expected but its still coming out. Everyone has been so patient! I seriously appreciate it. I promise the wait will be worth it!

So...mark your calendars for October because it's going to be nothing but awesome. You know what else happens in October? The Walking Dead comes back. That's right, read that one more time: The Walking Dead is back. Season four is going to be badass! 

Now I am going to go and finish up some chapters I've been working on for Chosen.

I've also got to refill my glass of iced tea.

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