Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UtopYA 2013 Part 1

WOW! Okay, so where did the month of June  AND July go? I can't believe it's halfway over and yeah, I haven't been posting that much lately because I've been swamped with...everything! In between writing and everything else, I've barely had time to read or relax so I'm hoping to find time to do just that this summer under the sun!

Meanwhile, I think some long overdue updates about Chosen are needed! I've taken a much needed break from the internet and have locked myself in my writing cave. I have really fleshed out some new material to add to Chosen and I've been heavily editing scenes. I know, I know, what is taking me forever?! When it comes to my writing, I am a perfectionist and if I'm not happy with a scene or a piece of something I've written, I will re-write it a million times until I feel like its perfect. Everything has to be just right for this book and I am so excited with the new direction its heading.

Other than the usual writing, I attended UtopYA this past year and it was beyond words amazing. Seriously. There are no words for how awesome it was. I got to see my fantastically awesome penpal Michelle Nicole who just published her debut novel, Soul Survivor, soooo you should really check that out because I loved it! I even linked it for you so go click and read it!! It was so inspiring to be in an environment where there was nothing but love for books.

Then I got to chill with Hollie the Editor who is pretty much my twin, its scary. She's brilliant, funny, and all around amazing, you know, the usual! I linked her name to her site so feel free to check out her services if you need some editing or you just want to creep on her website, it's so chic and stylish!

I also met Nancy Straight, yes, THE Nancy Straight, author of the Destiny series and Touched series. I was doing my best not to fangirl when I met her because she has been nothing but supportive and so helpful in this crazy writing world. I've read and adored all her books and since I've had some down time for reading, I'm going to be catching up on her Centaur series. It's such a unique spin in the paranormal world, I HIGHLY recommend her novels for some great summer reads! I wish I had one of her books signed! That's my goal: paperback signed by Nancy Straight. That way I can add it to my shelf of Oh-most-amazing novels! I wish I had brought enough copies to hand out to all the authors but lugging around the sets of books I had should have given me super strength because those things are heavy! But here, are my beautiful friends: my penpal Michelle Nicole and Nancy!!

Then of course I had to meet Tiffany King and that lady is such a sweetheart! I gave her a set of the Flightless Bird series and she swapped me a Jordyn copy. Did I mentioned it was signed?! Yes! Not to mention the sequel to Jordyn is coming in August and I am FREAKING STOKED!! I loved Jordyn, so yeah if you haven't read that, read it. Jordyn is a badass character and who doesn't love themselves some Emrys? Yeah, he's pretty sexy with his tattoos and what not. ;-) ME AND TIFFANY!!!

Then there was Amy Bartol, author of The Premonition series and let me tell you: that lady is awesome. So sweet and kind and she hugged me! Then of course gave me some free tattoos of the Premonition series. I wish I had gotten more time to chat with her because I <3 her so freaking much! (That's Amy and I right there!)

Goodness, I met so many people! Chelsea Fine was there and her and I had an epic mini dance party because we are cool like that. She is a riot! She's the author of The Archers of Avalon trilogy in case you didn't already know that! Now here's Chelsea and I, just after our mini dance party at the UtopYA awards!

Then I got to meet some amazing tweeters/bloggers/fellow book lovers! So much love for these ladies: Heather Javalotta on twitter, Dani Morales (blogger AND author), Tess at My Pathway to Books, Shana at A Book Vacation, Ren at A Little Bit of R&R and Tamara at One Stop Indie Shop!!! Not to mention there are so many others I met that need a shout-out too! Michelle Gano Miller, Misty Provencher, Carol Kunz (Amanda Jason), Adam Kunz, Shelly Crane, and Sarah Ashley Jones, and OF COURSE! Shout out to ma-sista homies Sadie and Sierra!! Love you gal pals!

I plan on making a video about UtopYA I've just been lazy about actually making that video. I also know I'm lazy about blogging. It's my goal to be better, I swear! Now that this post is ridiculously long, I am going back to writing because Chosen isn't going to write itself!

P.S. If I forgot to give anyone a shout-out, I apologize! There was just so much awesome to try and remember. :-)